Lace Wedding Dresses: 10 Looks + Expert Tips

Simple, classic, romantic, bohemian or edgy – the beauty of lace fabric in wedding dresses cannot be understated. Lace elevates a wedding gown to something truly special and memorable and that is why so many brides choose this style for their big day.

Take a look at some of our favourite lace wedding dress looks below, where we also share some useful tips that will help you find the gown of your dreams.

1920s Lace Wedding Dresses

Find that Gatsby-inspired gown and walk back in time on your big day. Choose opulent accessories and jewelled headpieces to jazz up your dress and give it that extra bit of romance. 

Tiered Lace Wedding Dresses

Super flattering and romantic, tiered designs look great on any silhouette. Play around with sheer styles you can layer up and use different kinds of lace. 

Antique Lace Wedding Gowns

Antique or vintage style lace is becoming more and more popular because it never goes out of style. Choosing a vintage wedding dress means that your dress will be truly unique, and hand embroidered or crocheted lace adds extra character to your entire outfit.

A-Line Lace Wedding Gowns

A-line silhouette is a universal go-to got all body styles. It’s very popular with brides looking for something traditional but without having to compromise on class and femininity. 

Off-White Lace Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for something less traditional then off white, cream or ivory lace is a perfect choice. Don’t be afraid to even try out blush or peach styles! 

Lace Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Brides looking for a more open and sexier look always choose the mermaid style. Lace looks especially exquisite on flared hemlines and along the neckline. 

Embellished Lace Wedding Gowns

Beading and sequins are a great way yo up the ante on any bride’s style and elegance. A vintage beaded dress is a timeless classic in any design. 

Bohemian Lace Wedding Dresses

Whilst lace is great with traditional looks, it is also perfect if you’re after a romantic gown of your dreams. Add some ruffled and ribbons to capture the true carefree spirit of the bohemian bride.

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses

Choose from loose or fitting, depending on style of the gown. Illusion sleeves that are barely there are also a great choice if you’re looking for a bit of sophistication.

Crocheted Lace Wedding Gowns

Lots of boho wedding looks include handicraft or handmade lace, and it's a sure way to stand out on your big day. Tatting lace is made up from intricate knots and loops whilst crocheted lace features finer threads and often more decorative designs such as hearts, bows and floral patterns. 


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