Selling by consignment

Consignment selling is where we sell your unwanted items on your behalf. In exchange for a fee, we will take care of the photography, website listings, sales, and customer enquiries, taking the hassle out of selling. We will also absorb all the website and transaction fees including refunds, postage and packing, which means no extra costs incurred for you.


How does the process work?

Step 1. Tell us what you’re interested in selling!

We will ask you to submit photos with some details of the dress, brand, and condition. If it is a good fit and matches our aesthetic and selling criteria (please see below), we will be in touch. You can contact us via the form below or drop us a message on Instagram.


Step 2. Condition

We request that your vintage wedding dress is professionally cleaned and in good condition before it arrives with us. And what if it’s a family heirloom that’s been in the attic for the last 50 years? Don’t worry! We would still like to hear about it. We can advise on what cleaning and repairs might be needed, all of which can be done in house once we receive the dress.


Step 3. Listing prices

We will work closely with you to agree on the selling price and the consignment fee. We base our prices on the current resale market, era, style and condition of the dress and always fully research each piece to ensure that you get the best and fairest price. If, for any reason, we need to adjust the price after the dress has been listed we will liaise with you to ensure full transparency before auctioning the change.


Step 4. Getting the dress to us

We are happy for you to post it to us or drop it off in person. If you are based locally in Brighton & Hove area, we are also happy to arrange a collection.  


Step 5. Selling time

Your dress might sell within hours, or it could take more than a year however please be advised we can never guarantee how long it’ll take for it to sell. Various factors might affect this, such as price, current trends, or the season. We are always open to discuss any opportunities to improve saleability with you if such situation occurs.


Step 6. Getting paid

Once your dress sells, we will transfer the agreed funds to your nominated bank account or PayPal. Please note payments are processed within 45 days of sale completion, once our 30-day refund and return window has passed (this includes 15 days for shipping and return handling).

If you would like to donate a portion of your sale to charity of your choice, please let us know and we will be happy to do so on your behalf.


What we are looking for:

  • Vintage wedding gowns and accessories such as veils and headpieces from 1940s, 1930s, 1920s and antique eras (Edwardian and Victorian)
  • Simple, minimalist art deco silhouettes that work in the modern day
  • Antique pieces with handmade embroidery and opulent lace
  • Premium materials such as silk, satin, lace, or cotton organza
  • We do consider machine lace, net or synthetic materials if they are in line with our aesthetic

Please have a look at our current pieces, Instagram or Archive to get more familiar with the styles we sell in our store.

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